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March 5, 2017

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Ah Ha!

January 30, 2016


About a year ago, I set out to teach our kids the books of the Bible. We did all kinds of things to help them remember... we read through the index, played sword drills, and tried to memorize them by singing songs. These worked ok, but I felt that we were missing some key parts about each book like the author, and what each book was about. 


There had to be a better way to learn these things and have some fun at the same time.


And then it happened... the "ah ha" moment!


Why not make them into playing cards?!? So I went straight to the computer and began to think out loud. I decided I could help my kids by teaching them the categories of the Bible. For example, if I asked my son, "where is Obadiah?" He would look at me with a puzzled look on his face. But if I could show him that Obadiah is a Minor Prophet, he would know that it is in the last section of the Old Testament! So I gave each category a color so now he would know which books are grouped together. 


We added a couple of games in the deck but we also plan to add a new page to our website that displays new games that we have come up with! So when you get your cards... tell us about the new games you make! We may even place it on our site!


We put a lot of thought into these cards and we hope you enjoy them. But most of all, we hope you learn more about this amzing, life-changing book that was divinely inspired by our Creator!


Order here!

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