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March 5, 2017

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The Clock is Ticking

October 19, 2015


The score was 6 to 5 and we were winning the soccer game. I know this was only a game for 6th graders, but the pressure felt as real as the last game of the World Cup! Our team was playing hard. The end of the game had to be close... but we had no idea how much time was left in the game.


The first short story in Matthew 25 is about 10 bridesmaids who were also waiting for an important event... to escort the bride to the house of the groom. They knew he was coming, they just did not know when. 


There are lots of questions to be asked in these 13 short verses... why was this event so important? Why couldn't they share the oil? And why would they not let the "foolish" bridesmaids in once they got the oil?


Weddings are important events in Jewish culture, and it was an honor for a young lady to be chosen to be a bridesmaid.The procession of the bride to the groom's house usually took place at night and it was the bridesmaids responsibility to have oil lamps to light the way for the procession. If there was no light for the procession, the event became unsafe thus dishonoring the family of the bride. The lamps were more like torches that used oil soaked cloths wrapped around the top to provide the light. And these cloths had to be replaced every 15 minutes. The oil could not be shared because it was risk the procession being in total darkness half way through the trip. So, the wise bridemaids not only were prepared, but they also showed the bride and her family that they were important to them. The foolish bridesmaids had little regard for her family and were not ready for the arrival, so when they showed up late, the family felt dishonored by them and would not let them in to the celebration.


So what about you? Are you spiritually ready for Jesus' return? Is God important enough for you to live your life everyday ready for His arrival? 


By the way, I wish I could say that our soccer team used the last few minutes of our game wisely, however, the other team scored and tied the game. I guess we should have thought more about the game than paying so much attention to other things... like the clock.

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