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March 5, 2017

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Are You Ready?

October 12, 2015

I love playing Hide-N-Seek with my kids! Let's be honest, I'm just a big kid too, so when I have the chance to play some games I love to jump right into the mix of it. My oldest son can be pretty competitive. He is always looking for a way to get the edge on me so he can beat me at whatever we are playing. We started when he was young counting to 10 while everyone else hid. But it did not take him long to figure out that he had a big advantage if he would count really fast. It was so frustrating to hear "ready or not, here I come." He would turn around and see me standing in the middle of the yard. OBVIOUSLY, I was not ready for him to start. Thank goodness I have a competitive streak inside of me as well, so I usually found a way back to base without being tagged :-). 

Matthew 25 is a chapter of short stories... Each with a focus on the state of the heart of His people. Why are these stories intended for His people? In the beginning of chapter 24 the setting shows Jesus sitting privately with His disciples on the Mount of Olives. They are asking Jesus about what the last days will be like. Jesus gives several signs that people should watch for that will show the end times. 

There are many things to debate and discuss in this chapter, however my questions for you today are not about your theology or interpretation of these verses. My questions revolve around a few verses close to the end of the chapter in Matthew 24:40-44. ARE YOU READY? And just as important, how do you know you are ready for when Jesus comes again? Over the next few days, let's take some time to read through these short stories, reflect on their meanings and investigate our own hearts. 

Trust me... I recognize that my spiritual life is not a game. And I also know that it's not God's desire to try to take advantage of me or to catch me off guard. God's Word is full of scriptures that tell us to be ready at all times. The real focus on this discussion is on you and me... Are we READY? Because one day, ready or not, He WILL come back.



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