Devotion 1-Missing the Mark!


Read: 1 John 3:4 


Review: Early in the morning, Johnny puts on his pants and pulls his sweater over his head. He grabs his brand new bow and a couple of arrows while leaving his room. As he walks outside he sees a new bale of hay with a big round target stuck on the side. He takes an arrow, pulls it back to his cheek and aims it at the center of the target. He releases the arrow - SWOOSH! Almost like it is in slow motion, he watches the arrow fly right past the target. He can’t believe it. He missed the mark. 


Have you ever said something you know is not right? Have you ever done something that would embarrass you if your parents saw you do it? Why would you be embarrassed? Usually it’s because you know you are not doing what they have taught you to do. God tells us in the Bible how we should live our lives and that is our target. He tells us to love God and the people around us. When we don’t live that way, we miss the target God set up for us and that is called sin. 



  • What is sin? (Anything we do, say or think that God has said not to do. Or not doing what He said to do.)

  • Why is sin a bad thing? (Sin pushes us away from God) 


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